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Rock and Roll and the Search for Shangri-La

After successfully releasing our latest EP “Shack Up With the Downside” in February 2016 we have begun the hard work of promoting. This effort begins with grassroots gigging in our home town Toronto, Ontario for our always lovely and engaged local fans (Most recently we played at The Cameron House in downtown Toronto). It cannot be overstated how much we appreciate your loyal support of our music. However, we are also working hard to expand our horizons and get our tunes into the ears of music lovers everywhere. Recently our very own Iliya Vee joined up with the talents of Jessica Speziale and Brooklyn Doran for a tour across Southern Ontario including a TV performance on CTV Morning Live in Ottawa. We continue to look for more venues across Canada to share our music and rock our hearts out. For booking information check out our contacts page. We look forward to bringing our music to your favourite local watering hole.
With the release of the Shack Up With the Downside EP, The Dreadful Starlings bring a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with addicting progressions, a soulful rock vocal style, and an indie rock attitude, the record boasts the aesthetic of classic rock anthems. Though the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds them all together much like a concept album. Most importantly, the record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from. The first single, “Rigmarole Rock” is an upswing radio rock powerhouse. Complete with a catchy chorus and perfected lead guitar sections, the song seems to build and breathe as it plays on. The single deals with the dreaded ‘Employee's Paradox’, wherein the power dynamic of a workplace undermines a worker's dignity. Still, you kiss the floor and smile so that you can make rent. It’s got an ear-catching layered start, tight hooks, complementary guitar parts, an underlying element of joyful sarcasm. It is a good representation of the band's approach to rock'n'roll music” explains songwriter Iliya Vee of the band's single. Although the single does speak volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding of where The Dreadful Starlings are coming from, it should be heard in its entirety. Having four contributing songwriters has helped us to unlock some of our potential. We are finding ways to stay true to the songwriter's vision, while playing within the paradigm of our sonic signature. Not all of our tunes are as straightforward, "brass-tacks" and direct as Rigmarole Rock,” says Vee of the album and working with a full band. Guitarist Iliya Vee, drummer Steve White, bassist Jenna Strautman(aka J. Christine), met in Canmore, Alberta before moving to Toronto's vibrant music scene between fall 2010 and Spring 2013. At the time, the trio performed songs written by both Vee and Strautman, as well as Tim Clarke. After releasing their debut album in May 2013, the band saw a lineup change which welcomed Matthew Stamegna on bass, and included the addition of a second guitarist, Nate Davis. Once the band and its new line up fell into a solid groove, they all decided to adopt songs written by Stamegna and Davis as well. The decision widened the band's sonic tool belt giving them more material to play around with. The group collectively gave input and decisions on which songs would be on the EP, and soon after, Shack Up With The Downside was born. A rock collective with everything ranging from dynamic punk, to classic rock ballads, the EP shines to the attributes each member brings to the table. Having already played The Mountain Man festival 2015, as well as Toronto festivals like Indie Week, Canadian Music Week, and the Toronto Jazz Festival, The Dreadful Starlings are no newbies when it comes to live performance. The Shack Up With The Downside EP is now available for streaming and download on most major digital outlets, and the band is now planning an East Coast Canadain tour in support of their release.

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